Mig Weld offers several big size packagings : the 40 kg spool, round drums containing from 80 up to 250 kg and the square Jumbo drum containing 140 kg of aluminium alloyed welding wire.

The 40-kg spool was designed by Mig Weld in 1995 and was rapidly adopted by customers as well as by competitors. At the same time, Mig Weld created the unwinding device DF40 to enable the use of the spool in automatic welding machines and robotic installations.


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     Diameter Drum
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    • The round drum is of packaging for all mechanical and robot applications.

    All alloys except pure aluminium ( Al99,7 • Al99,4Ti ) can be unwinded from this kind of drum. Available dimensions. However, a trouble free use of drums requires much knowhow and experience. Special attention should be put on the emplacement of the drum. Already the physical design of the welding system must be adapted to drums. In many cases it’s necessary to stabilize the wire during the unwinding by means of re-usable accessories. The drum is ecological. The handles can be removed and scrapped after use. The remaining carton may be burned or disposed of as waste paper.

    • The Jumbo drum containing 140 kg wire is another packaging above all for big quantity users of aluminium alloyed welding wire.

    All alloys except pure aluminium ( Al99,7 • Al99,4Ti ) can be put in this kind of drum. Even the Ø 1.0 mm and alloys form the 5000 series can be used without any trouble. Thanks to the large width of the drum, the wire comes out close to straight and thus, it fits particularly well for laser welding. An integrated window enables an end of wire control. The Jumbo drum is of course ecological and easily recycled.

    Dimensions of the Jumbo drum ( LxWxH ) : 600 x 600 x 900 mm.